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Activating my In&box

After buying an airbag product integrating the In&motion airbag system and for the first use only, you will need to activate your In&box in order to make your system functional and then, ride safe.


After downloading the app, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet and launch the app.Important: the mobile app « My In&box » is currently available on iOS as of version 11.4 and on Android as of version 5. The activation process is also available from our website by going to the section « Membership Moto ».

STEP 2 : CREATE your user account and subscribe to an in&motion membership
  • Launch the mobile app « My In&box »
  • Click on  « Create an account » ; then « Start the procedure »
  • Select the formula of your choice and the options
  • Enter your user account information (postal address, phone number, e-mail adress you won’t be able to change this address afterwards, password …) and enter your payment details.
  • Check your information and your order; then click on “Subscribe”. A confirmation email will be sent immediately.

Step 3 : pair your in&box to your user account

To pair the In&box, all you need is your airbag system, the charged In&box, and a tablet or smartphone with the mobile application installed.

  • Turn on the In&box and activate the Bluetooth of the phone (or tablet) used
  • Start the pairing process
  • Enter (or scan) the serial number of the In&motion airbag system. Warning : the number is indicated on the last label indicating “In&motion airbag”, under the words “Serial Number”.
  • Make sure that your In&box is turned on and nearby
  • Make sure that your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet
  • The mobile app will search for available In&box turned on and nearby. If several In&box are detected, an information message will appear and you will need to scan the QR code located on the back of your In&box

When pairing is successfully completed, the In&box LEDs stop flashing and the GPS LED either turns off or turns green. Once scanned, a validation screen will appear! The In&box is now activated and paired to your user account!

If you do not have a smartphone compatible with the mobile app « My In&box », you can follow the manual activation procedure available here.

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